Our Vision

With the potential to have a heightened ability to think holistically and creatively, see the bigger picture, and develop enhanced spatial knowledge, people with dyslexia can be uniquely suited to solve the problems of tomorrow. Our initiative is designed to highlight these strengths, to lead a movement to create future STEM leaders and entrepreneurs by building confidence in students with dyslexia and equipping educators on helping them to learn.


Unlike the average student who falls on a bell curve, people with dyslexia fall on a barbell curve with the majority following two disparate paths.  

  • The first path shows how with support, people with dyslexia excel: 35% of entrepreneurs, 40% of self-made millionaires, 35% of engineers, and 50% of NASA engineers all have dyslexia.  In fact, MIT calls dyslexia the MIT disease. 

  • Sadly, on the second path, 32% of high school drop outs, 70% of teens in juvenile detention centers and 48% of the prison population have dyslexia. 

Our goal is to create a tunnel through the middle of the barbell so that people with dyslexia fall on the positive side of the curve.

The Impact



of all people are dyslexic



of kids with learning disabilities have dyslexia



of entrepreneurs are dyslexic


Dyslexic Edge 2019


Saturday, March 23, 2019


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